I have decided to start a blog just a stress relief outlet. I moved to Korea to do what most skilled labour from South Africa does, to work and earn a decent salary.
I am lucky in that i actually got a job in the capital city, Seoul. Its lots of fun and the shopping is awesome.

One thing that i have really gotten into is junk t.v. I am addicted to all sort of rubbish i would not have even bothered to have considered back home.
Right now i am very much into the Harry Potter movies. I read all the books already, but last week i went with some co-workers to the mooooooooovies to see the last Harry Potter. It was a visual delight, but for some reason I am now into all of them and have been watching all of the others I missed out.
Poor Lord Voldermort, his real name was Tom Marvolo Riddle…..Marvolo, seriously? You can mos tell if you gonna name your kid Marvolo something is going to go terribly wrong.

All i can say that I have personally learnt from Harry Potter is: DO NOT date guy with name of Tom from England because they all think they invincible and they full of kak.


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