This is Perry Heslop, the ultimate fail as we know it. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is Muriel’s (from the movie Muriel’s Wedding) lay-about no good unemployed brother who sits on a green couch and watches cricket whole day is a state of delusion.

He’s the kind of character you fear to become or at least hope your kids don’t. Unfortunately,  there have been some moments where I have actually sympathized with this character such as when I was unemployed at one point and feeling hopeless. I dunno, he just epitomizes the ultimate persona of uselessness when you’re at the bottom of it all. Please don’t ever tell me you don’t get days when you feel like that, we’re all human after all.

” ‘Cos you’re a Dancing Queen…..”

As far as Muriel’s Wedding goes, that’s one kick ass movie and I miss going to my friend Annie in Grassy Park, buying a Bona vienna and chip parcel with peri-peri powder and a 2 litre coke and guzzling it while watching this masterpiece of a film.


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