Project Runway is back! One of my fave t.v trash shows here that I got into whilst living in Korea. Heidi is just another flakey ex-supermodel, who like Tyra, still cannot get enough attention now that she is considered outdated as an isi-model.
I like Tim Gunn though. He seems somewhat more genuine as a fashion critic. Unfortunately, the other judges are back. Nina and Michael Kors……I dunno who made them the know all of fashion but they don’t seem to know it all. I think they smoke a kilo of tik mixed with Doom bug spray before coming on the show. Their perception of ‘taste’ is a load of junk.

Junk! One of the top 3 outfits.

On the first episode of season 9 they chose very boring items as their top 3 best. No outfit the average human could wear. It all looked like it came off the racks of PEP or Mr. Price where only really skinny people can pull of bad fabric and tacky cuts. There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Price and Pep, most of us have to shop there cos South Africa has nothing to offer the common man in terms of affordable style, but if you gonna design fashion in a high stakes competition on t.v, you better make it interesting.


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