This morning I was surprised to find a whole pile of Korean Won pennies outside of my door. I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought was that this must be all the coins I had used for Coke in the vending machine down the hall. Look….it was the morning, I don’t deal with mornings too well.

Seeing all those donkies just reminded me of this picture I had seen in the Cape Argus a while ago of this local bergie (that’s vagrant for you non-capetonians!) who dolled up as Marilyn Monroe. I know my gran could not get enough of this one.
The model’s name is Angelique Hendricks and this idea was part of some ad campaign for promoting Cape Town City by showing the natural wonders our South Easterly winds can bring. Whatevs.

The poster had apparently went all over the world, and the article went on to how this stroke of fortune would go on to change this homeless woman’s life. Just how did this change her life you may ask? Well, the big shots who came up with the ad said they gave her “a number of copies” of her own poster which she could go on to sell back on the streets herself. They added she could keep the “entire sale price” which was R100 at the time.
That’s nice, why not send her back on the streets again to beg people to buy those posters. That’s a major life change. Apparently, you could also get copies from someone from an office in Cape Town and they were going to set up a trust fund for her.

I don’t know what has happened to ol’ Angelique since then, and how far her R100s got her round the Cape. 

Let’s just give a big AWEH Angelique
 and all the sold out bombshells!


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