One thing I do miss about home, is the food. Korea has some amazing food to offer in its own right like galbi and cheap buffets etc, but nothing does it like the amazing meat and spices that South Africa has.

On one specific exhausting work day here in Seoul, I fell into a deep sleep during lunch time and dreamt I was in Steers. They have the best chips as far as I am concerned, especially with that “special” seasoning. For some reason getting chips, let alone bread, with your meal is rare here in Korea. I find this irritating and so not on.

Talk about Steers, I do so fondly remember the Wacky Wednesdays special. It was every students dream midweek meal. Some people in pure delusion and delight would even order a Wacky Wednesday on a Monday or Friday.
It’s pretty popular, but I do think it’s not the best burger Steers has to offer, but hey, it’s 2 for 1 right?

In fact, Wacky Wednesdays are so popular they have scored over 3000 hits on Google.co.za search and they even have a Facebook “Wacky Wednesday Appreciation” fan page! This in addition to the Wacky Wednesday rap video which you can see here on Youtube!

Now how wacky does that Wednesday get? 😀


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