Now, I have been living in Seoul, South Korea for 8 months already. It has it ups and downs, but I do love it here.

Of course, it takes many kinds of people to make the world go round and I have truly met some of the most special characters out here. If you think the bad Korean t-shirts with the bad English grammar and lost musings were strange and ridiculous, for me the best actually came from none other than other English teachers out here.

Here are some memorable quotes I’d like to forget but just can’t. These are for real people.

“What colour are asian people? I’m white…but they look white too, but they not really white in the South East. Ummmm…I guess they are yellow…uhhh…but i dunno?”

“I thought you were one-eighth African because you have high cheek bones.”

“If in doubt and fear….I say…Jump!!!”

“I don’t aprove of adopting for me. I could never have another man’s child. If it came to a dire situation, I’d rather have my brother’s child.” (This was from a guy btw)

“I’m sorry but it’s been proven that women are susceptible to lying without thinking twice. So yeah, I’d have to ask my wife for a DNA test to see if my kid is really mine.”

“I don’t think Africa will ever come right.”

“I wanna travel across Africa on a motorcycle.” (This guy can’t even ride a bike yet!)

“Oi mate, I can’t believe that bird hasn’t fallen for your cock yet.”

“Oreos are known to cure thrush.”


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