Where I work in Seoul, we have many co-workers coming and in and out as their teaching contracts expire and begin. Needless to say, there have been some real characters that have walked these corridors. I work at an English Village, even though it’s a pretend ‘village’ it’s still a village all in set with its little characters that give the charm and harm to this joint.

No we have a new co-worker who has recently joined us who thinks he brings the charm. He does not. He has gotten into the habit of calling his female co-workers babe, darling, gorgeous etc. 
I’ve seen this type of behavior on t.v shows before and movies and it’s always a laugh, but now that there is someone actually doing it it’s a tad bit weird and terribly uncharming, especially to the guy who walks around thinking he’s doing you a ‘favour’ with his pap balloon flattery.

It doesn’t give a good impression of you and it makes the female co-workers wince as it gives the impression that someone thinks that’s what you want to hear as a female. 

Bottom line, it’s not good and it makes people uncomfortable. Well, I think the only solution to this problem is to do what ol’ Barb Wire did whenever someone called her ‘babe’…..


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