Yesterday, me and some good friends did some touristy stuff around Seoul before going to downtown Hongdae for some serious partying.
A friend of mine (the zebra) was invited to the store launch of “Pull and Bear” last night. It was quite fun, and we got to have fun little polaroids taken of ourselves in animal masks in front of a fake green leafy background. This picture just gets me, with the suffering deer on the left side. I’m the bear btw.

Interesting facts about deers:

  • They have a lifespan for about 10 years.
  • They really good swimmers
  • They are the most territorial animals, as they would rather starve to death than leave their grazing grounds
  • In the U.S.A aeroplanes collide with an average of 2 deer on runways every year!

I guess our friend on the left must have seen one of ’em aeroplanes coming her way and did what my zebra friend’s tee said: “Now Panic And Freak Out!” …..deer style of course.


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