I personally love this song by Taylor Dane. She was a big name in the 80’s and well known for this killer track which came out in 1988 along with that cool video. She is still around, but not as big on the music scene as she used to be back in the day.
Talking about scenes, these days the only time she does get to make one is when she is spotted on the red carpet in some of the most atrocious outfits. Just ‘cos your music career went doesn’t mean your taste had to. This one here is her latest crime.

Clearly she has not let go of the fact that body con has come and gone for her. Here are some more previously bad f-ups by the great Dane:

And on a last note, seeing ow we reminiscing the good and bad, remember these 3 former heart throbs??

Here’s a lil’ clip to take you back to those primary school parties when the slow jams came on and Adnan “the Hitman” Harris was still something to talk about. 

Oh the yaaaad nommers!

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