So on the 24th of September it was South Africa’s Heritage Day which we also celebrate as Braai Day. As I am in South Korea, a few South Africans decided to invite everyone out to some island in the middle of a lake in the countryside to have a massive braai.

Jungdo Island

The island was outside of Seoul on Jungdo Island. It was really beautiful and was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit. You had to catch a ferry to get to the island. On your way there you will see a Transformers Restaurant. No seriously, there is one of those in the middle of nowhere. the building had random transformers popping out at random places.

It was fun, the island is def worth taking another visit too in the future as there were plenty camping facilities. The turn out wasn’t too big but there was a nice collection of people and there was a random group of Americans there who sat around a stump belting out Backstreet Boys numbers and treating a cricket bat like a baseball bat. At least they kept to themselves, all I’m sayin’.


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