Yes, I look like this before the GHD comes to play….

The new me

Cutting one’s hair can be a big deal. I haven’t cut my hair since 1999. Yes you heard me, and no I won’t give my age away. I remember trying to do the ever famous and popular Jennifer Aniston do/ “The Rachel” from Friends. So many people had that hair cut, the layers look was in but then again so was brown lipstick.
Needless to say, you actually had to be shit rich to actually get that stupid haircut as the the original hairdresser for Aniston’s hair would charge thousands for that cut just as they did for the “Meg Ryan”.

The Meg

So we had a year full of people in high school with the choppy look with many layers they tried to get from their local hairdresser named Lucinda from down the road, plus highlights from a box from Clicks or Link pharmacy claiming they had the Rachel look and hoping at the time to get a Brad Pitt of their dreams (remember those 2 were the hottest couple at the time)

Sadly this is what most people landed up looking like after trying to do that do…..

The girl with the black do went on to matriculate with cum laude for 1999.


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