God alone knows why women think wearing a tiara is a good idea, this includes teenagers. Once you are the past the age of 10 forget about it. I once went to the Skunk Anansi concert and there were 3 girls wearing tiaras in the mosh pit. A mosh pit. Why anybody had to be a princess in that was beyond me, while every other person wore their grimy Chuck Taylors and went bos.

To this day many still sell tiaras in shops as an accessory. It’s not an accessory in my opinion, it’s actually part of a fancy dress, halloween costume or concert prop. Plus you look shit stupid in one, Let’s take old Katie Price/ Jordan for example.

Peter Andre married his not so “mysterious girl”

I don’t see how it can possibly make you feel any special either and it reeks of tackiness. Let’s face it they used in beauty pageants for ladies awarded for their ‘thinking” abilities in a bathing costume and heels. The idea of wearing tiaras as an accessory came from none other than Russia (which is no surprise considering the tacky part of it all).

Some women are clearly are all about the tiara and nothing else….

Old Queen Elizabeth II has the largest collection of tiaras in the world, all considered priceless. That alone says a lot about your heritage Queenie and what the royals really stand for…..a bunch of tacky “groot koppe” (big heads) with stolen jewels. Well, if you look at it they whole lives are based on stealing really.

Could not have said it any better!


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