So it’s down to the final four on Project Runway, the only ones whose fashion and style I have really been content with are Anya’s and Viktor Luna’s work. I don’t think Kimberley’s stuff is that great and neither is my personal favorite on that show, Joshua Mckinley. I only like Joshua because he is such a drama queen with his outrageous MCQP parade outfits, plucked eye brows and constant tenacity to bitch out loud. I think he look exactly like the ugly stepsister in Shrek. It’s something about those perfectly plucked eyebrows and pursed lips.

Separated at birth

To be honest, I don’t think this season has  produced anything really great unlike previous seasons, such as season 8’s should have been winner, Mondo Guerra. I can still remember his clothes, but none of this season’s contestants have produced anything extraordinary.

Mondo in all his fabulousness

What’s Mondo doing now? Well I sometimes visit his website, which is really cool and really expresses his signature style and personality (http://www.lovemondotrasho.com/blog/) and he’s still doing things around the States and creating fashion and costumes for theatre and magazines. Yay!


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