So, you have al probably heard of the 7de Laan skandal involving the waiter Kabelo who has been caught with dagga. To be real, this is probably the biggest scandal linked to that ridiculous show that is supposed to represent God knows what part of South Africa’s reality. “Drug cloud looms over 7de Laan” that was the headline for the new article about the actor Sekoati Tsubane who plays Kabelo who apparently openly tweeted about his weight loss due to smoking weed and how he was caught at some smokkie huis in the Cape Flats with that wannabe 7de Laan baller “Bernard” character who is played by actor Werner Coetser.

“I laaaaik to keep it real on a Thursday night bru.”

I love how the tale is spun when they were brought under the spotlight for this issue. Kabelo diverted the issue by saying he was being paid shit on 7de Laan and Bernard simply said “It was complicated”. The story goes that the two of them went to some “drug house” in Mannenberg where Kabelo went to purchase his goods, while Bernard said he was there but he had “no idea” the place was a drug house. For fuck’s sake, what would two E-grade soap stars be doing in Mannenberg of all places in the first place? I know Bernard wasn’t going to that part of Cape Town to catch up with his home boys!
To top it off they nogal went to jol it uit in the “Gala” (Club Galaxy for those who do not know) later that evening. Talk about gangster.

Where celebs and all the who’s who go for a good time for Cape Town’s “finest”. It’s so swanky you can customize your own party by bringing your own booze.

Whatever, they sound worse than Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan at a bad press release statement.

“OMG Britney, being chauffeured in a Toyota Corolla round Cape Town is the life girl!” “Oh Lindsay, this shit is nothing compared to when we get slammin’ on the dance floor tonight, plus i forgot to put on my panties..again!”

The only truth that is brought out in this situation is that 7de Laan does indeed pay their actors kak, seeing as they can’t even afford to go to a more upmarket club in Cape Town. They clearly on such a big budget that they have to go to seedy drug dealers for cheap deals. I suppose they still needed to budget for those 4 shots of tequila and a coke at Galaxy.
What is more interesting is that Kabelo is indeed married to Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, because only in 7de Laan would a member of Mandela’s family be a waiter. Maybe the ANC can help him out, they good and proving nothing when it comes to scandal in South Africa.

“I married the big cheese pappa!”


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