I can’t believe this. I just read an article that kid star Justin Bieber had to take a DNA test to prove he did not father a child!!! WTF…seriously, I had no idea that this even happened till I went on my fave gossip column just now.

This kid is only 17 years old, and sometimes I play his music videos for my elementary school students here in Korea ‘cos they like his bubblegumminess while he chirps away his tunes in pvc high tops and that ridiculous swirly cone hairdo he dons.

“That’s right, I do the swirl ya’ll”

A girl named Mariah Yeater has claimed the li’l whipper snapper Justin Bieber fathered her li’l whipper snapper. The 20 year old Maria claimed she is indeed wearing Justin Bieber’s crown (for those of you who don’t know what that old school term is, it means she was his first time sexual encounter). Here’s a photo of Miss Yeater.

Clearly, young Bieber felt he could not have any girl at his  feet with a click of his fingers.

Okay, to be clear, if this baby was born this year then allegedly, Yeater who is 20 years old, had hooked up with her “skool brood” while he was still only 16! Riiiight….

Bieber has taken the whole thing with a pinch of salt and brushing it off as part of the things that happen with one’s celebrity status. He seem confident, and many of his adoring fans and the media seem to support the young buck’s word on this fiasco.
Then again, let’s not forget a well loved character like the late Steve Jobs also denied paternity of his kid for many years, but then again so did Naas Botha. Let’s face it those two cannot be compared, but when the world loves you, the world loves you.

Naas is my pappa!

As for Miss Yeater, she does look like a bit of nutter and could possibly trying to claim her 15 minutes of shame..I mean fame. Apparently, the kid was conceived backstage from one of his concerts. 

Well, I guess who can deny a face like this amidst a crowd?

“See, I was wearing protection…I swear!”


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