I enjoy a good scandalous TV show like any other drama queen out there. Gossip Girl has been my solace and my outmost favourite of all the rubbish I started watching 2 years ago. It definitely replaced the scandal and over the top sensation that the soggy Footballers’ Wives once offered me every Monday on SABC 3.

Gossip Girl is currently in its 5th season and still circles on the on going dramas and ridiculousness of Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck and Nate who all seem to be unable to expand their social circle no matter how much they travel or cause shit in other people’s lives.

Who’s a nice bitch now?

I heard season 6 will be Gossip Girl’s last, I can’t imagine where I will get my scandal fix in high fashion from next? It makes sense, as the plots are getting ridiculous and there’s only so much retardation you can do to these characters before they can be declared unfit to be functional human beings.

Lets start with what’s currently happening in season 5 with my favourite: Blair Waldorf.
Besides being able to talk 1000 words per minute, she is portrayed as the most admirable, supposedly the most sophisticated and elegant one who is goal driven and the most focused of them all. 
She was the one who got the fairytale wedding, literally meeting her Prince Charming in the most idealistic way of meeting your soul mate (by both admiring their favourite art work in the Louvre in Paris!) and she got the opportunity to be a real princess and live the life of every rich bitch’s dream.

Blair and her French prince who couldn’t speak any French.

Yet, Blair still manages to throw it away by confessing her true love for Chuck on her wedding day (which all goes viral in the chapel of course!), completely messes with Prince Louis’ feelings through the whole season, lies to him all the time, attempts to run away with another man then changes her mind because she thinks that God has listened only to her plight (because she is THAT important) in this whole wide world. Louis has acted like nothing but a desperate trooper who has clearly been in denial.
Now, he has rejected her after they are married and Blair expects sympathy because things have not gone her way after expecting Louis to accept her choosing him as a second choice.

The real Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco who supported the Nazis to keep his country neutral during the war.  Nothing here about bringing shoes to Manhattan.

Serena and Nate:
The shows biggest and dumbest sluts who inevitably and eventually slept with each other at some point in the show….naturally. These two have slept with everyone and everything that has appeared in the show (this includes the coffee and fax machines). 

Serena and Nate looking for what to shag next.

They have to be the dumbest and most naive of them all and still they get off the hook as being portrayed as normal characters.

Dan Humphrey
He does don the worst hairstyles in this show. I remember Penn Badgley when he first starred in that cute show called “Do Over” when he played the fat kid in high school in the 80s.

Dan still failing at the hairdos.

Well, Badgley was able to get his reputation up by actually dating Serena (Blake Lively) in real life, and catapulted himself to being classified a hottie.


Argyle overdose. We get it…you’re rich.

I was madly into Chuck and his cheesy bow ties, suits and stupid husky voice in the beginning. He just reeked of scandal. 
He started off this season by having himself being beaten up and thrown off a motorcycle to avoid his emotions. Sadly, this doos (idiot) can’t go see a therapist without shagging it either. He and Blair have shared many a Lana del Rey soundtrack moment and I hope he and Blair land up together.

The rest of the cast set the drama of these 4 idiots’ lives in motion. More specifically, Regina Sparks who is apparently supposed to be Gossip Girl. I’m sure there is a bigger twist to that fact.

I love how far this bitch will go to cause kak.

I, personally, will miss this gem of a show 🙂


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