Oh Barbie..you never cease to amaze and intrigue me after all these years. In an earlier post (Oki Doki Tokidoki), Barbie’s creators Mattel and the kitschy brand Tokidoki teamed up to create the ultimate adults’ collectors item of the trendy new wannabe reality celeb Barbie along with trendy fashion and tramp stamps.
Mattel has truly outdone themselves by creating their latest triumph: The Prince William and Kate Middleton Barbie and Ken! I could not even have dreamed up something so ridiculous but here it is!

“Come on Barbie let’s go party!”

The Prince and his plastic bride are both adorned in their wedding attire, along with a miniature version of the Alexander McQueen gown Kate wore on the day. The creators of Mattel said it would only be released for purchase in April to celebrate the Royal Pair’s wedding 1st anniversary. Ken doll William is even graced with a full head of shiny hard hair!
Their wedding attracted over 3 million viewers on t.v. It was long anticipated since Princess Diana’s wedding day. People closely watched this young couple since their dating days and their break-up when Wills cheated on Kate with a Brazilian model. 

You can pre-order your royal couple on the Barbie website, but as they are aimed at adults they come at a steep price of  £100 (British Pounds). Either way, die-hards will be saving up to get another souvenir to immortalize this fantasy bride and groom along with their limited edition DVD and other bric-a-brac that commemorated the wedding.

William and Kate “tea bagging”! Hmmm….perhaps Gran does deserve a bit of an upgrade for a Christmas pressie this year.

Of course, there are cheaper versions if you still want to want to play out the wedding with your dolls. I personally think this British made doll set resembles the couple more closely than their Barbie counterparts: 

The Americans make them look so much better!
Of course, you could go down the even cheaper route and just do this…..

The bride and groom felt literally FLAT-tered by all the attention!


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