My favourite sweetheart, Hello Kitty has just busted Barbie’s ass by coming out with her own limited edition of the William and Kate Royal wedding. It contains a doll set of her and her beau, Dear Daniel all kitted out in the Royal gear.

This is only fitting of course as, for those of you who didn’t know, Kitty was actually born in England as Katherine White. Kitty is just her nickname. 

Here are 10 things you should know about Hello Kitty:

1. She has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel

2. They apparently live together, but have separate bedrooms. They are not married 

The Hello Kitty House in Puro Land, Tokyo

3. She was born in England.

4. She wanted to be a model before becoming a star and toy!

6. Her boyfriend Dear Daniel is a businessman in New York and is a breakdancer with spiky hair who sometimes models with Kitty.

7. She has a twin sister named MIMMY they have bows on different sides.

8. Her birthday is on 1 November

9. She is exactly 5 apples tall and weighs as much!!

10. Her full name is Catherine “Kitty” White and she loves to travel

Stay fabulous Kitty!


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