Brilliant! I came across an article on Yahoo!’s Shine about how the U.S public (mainly parents) have caused an uproar on Disney’s latest veture to help combat bad eating habits amongst kids. Named “Habit Heroes”, it was supposed to be some multimedia interactive blah blah event where kids got to learn about healthy eating at a large exhibition at Epcot Centre in Orlando, U.S.A.

The whole point of this thing was to have kids come in and help them realise to stop eating the load of saturated and over processed corn syrupy crap they are exposed to 24/7 everyday in their lives. This is purely to an audience in the U.S where the image of Ronald MacDonald is more recognizable than a picture of their own president.
True, the States does have a major obesity problem especially when most of the problems are starting with the fragile youth who feel hamburgers and fries make a wholesome meal.

The exhibition showed 2 fit heroes who combat bad characters associated with gluttony, bad snack cravings and the potential to have an ass so fat you couldn’t lift it from your couch even to go to the toilet.

Kids are shown 3 wonderful options for their future body types for being a vraat (glutton).

I think the whole thing is honest. I have no idea why Americans are so over-sensitive about being obese when they are the number one country who has this problem that kills them. 
Disney had to shut down the healthy eating launch because of the uproar parents and the public made. They claimed that Disney was making fat people look bad, evil, poked fun at body stereotypes and that it enticed bullying the fat kid at school.

Yes….’cos putting the fat kid in spandex and a choker chain on public display won’t be funny.

Get real! How are you supposed to combat this bad eating issue if you don’t actually face the reality of it. Maybe bullying the fat kid wouldn’t even have to be such a widespread problem if the kids started eating properly in the first place. The sad thing is, is that most of the kids with these weight problems are addicted to those bad foods, that deprive them of proper nutrition. This of course leads to them being unable to even change the button on the remote control without being out of breath.

At least Billy made it to the porn channel without passing out.

The Habit Heroes exhibition allowed kids do what they like to do best…..look into  screen and play TV games. They got to shoot vegetables at bad foods and the bad characters who try and make them fall into bad eating habits everyday.
The rantings went on to say that bad habits are not only done by fat people, and that they think it should have show cased all body types partaking in bad activities. 
To be honest, over eating, lack of exercise and being spoilt rotten usually leaves you with an overweight and emotionally unstable kid/adult in the end.

One of the not fat baddies of Habit Heroes. An insecure girl who has clearly starved herself and dyed her hair pink.

This project was aimed at kids. I don’t hear the kids complaining or have their been any ripple affects since the launch.
I think this venture from Disney should have been aimed at the adults and ill- disciplined parents who give into their kids whining demands for crap and also who are the ones who place these young minds into issues of deep insecurity, body issues and attaining perfection to be a celebrity. In the end, the kids aren’t the ones who are controlling the media with perfect body images, nor are they the ones setting the bad examples for bullying others or creating bad habits on their own.

What to do on a perfect day at Disney Land mom?

“Disney is supposed to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Who goes on a diet at a theme park?”, said one complainer who stated Disney are hypocrites for advertising health foods when the don’t even sell it. 
Be real lady, who goes to a theme park everyday or regularly? 
I guess it shows that it’s nothing but a joy ride everyday for most Americans’ diets. I think the expo on Habit Heroes should have stayed. The website is closed down and the expo is shut till further notice. A rep said that they plan on making a more diverse looking set of baddies. Yes,….. ‘cos it’s the cool looking kids who get it the worst at school and in this world!


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