These pics of the Prince bring my eyes to tears in so many ways. Many ways in laughter of course.

Boom Chakalaka! Gettin down with it…

Doin’ the grind baby.

These images of Prince Harry finding his groove thang are from his recent Royal duty tour around the Caribbean. There’s nothing quite like checking up on great great grandpa’s old colonies to see how well they not doing with out their rule and after they looted all the goods of course.

“I’m serious as cancer, when I say rhythm is a dancer”. Harry after a long one minute of serious soul shaking.

Harry does look like he suffering in these dances. I heard he was supposed to be the ultimate party boy of the bunch, hence dating that poppie from Cape Town. His “wild ways” have always made tabloid headlines as many have been more than eager to send their snapshots of the world’s richest ginger going wild.

‘Sup dog! Harry with his homies no doubt.
Harry was always seen as the “hands on” royal. Clearly

I don’t know who he is dating anymore. It seems his fling with ol’ Chelsea is over, then it was some lingerie model who was a 6th cousin of his related by his left finger and then some cocktail waitress. Either way, who cares as it will only really matter when he is idolized in Barbie or Hello Kitty form like his brother William.
To be honest I don’t see there ever being a ginger Ken doll or a frisky party boy Dear Daniel/Hello Kitty version any time soon.

Ken still can’t get a decent hairdo no matter what shade he dons. Take it easy on the polo neck there chap.

Coming Soon: The Hello Kitty Royal Collection edition of Prince Harry’s Halloween costume.


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