The Carrie Diaries is a new series that will take us back into the younger years of Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw’s life. The actress to play the young Bradshaw is no other than AnnaSophia Robb who played the over-competitive “‘Cos I’m a winner” Violet Beauregard in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As this show is supposed to be a back track of Carrie in her youth, it’s going to be set in the 80s. I have a funny feeling 80s fashion is going to make a big come back if this show is as successful as SATC.

Robb wearing what happens when a Ninja Turtle mates with a  leopard at  Disco

The REAL SJP as a teenager. Doubt Carrie would have any sex adventures with that knitwear!
As a once devoted fan of the SATC series, they let very little insight into Carrie’s or any of the other girl’s backgrounds with them giving a few comments here and there. This was simply because the show was not supposed to be about the characters, it was supposed to be a focus on sex, relationsips and love in the modern world from the late 90s till the 2000s. 
Somehow the characters became bigger than sex or the city, and then the fashion became a 5th character. This was clearly shown in the movie spin-offs which were failures because it didnt focus on well…sex.  

The movies should never have been made.

The not-so-good fashion moments. Image 1: Carrie wears left over curtain material.  Image 2: Carrie wears a rain cloud on her shoulders.  Image 3: Carrie sleeps with Dumbledore and sneaks out with his clothes the next morning.

I’m not sure what to make of this new venture. The new Carrie is played by an 18 year old and it’s got nothing to do with tackling the down and dirty of sexuality in the modern age, as it’s still the 80s and she is a teenager. Plus, will be aired in the U.S during prime time for the whole family.
It seems like another ploy  to get ratings from the tweens. I’ll watch it when it comes out. I am curious.

They have urged that the show will be in no way replacing SATC. They clearly just milking off it’s former hype thats all.
In SATC, I remember Carrie saying her dad had left her and her mom when she was 3 years old, and she how she swiftly lost her virginity on a pool table at 16 years old. 

The real 4 legged beast of ultimate seduction.

There have been attempts to revive the idea of modern women in the Big Apple. There was a show with Brooke Shields called Lipstick Jungle which also tried to focus on 4 women but much more older and mature than those in SATC. It didn’t last long.
So if the attempt to go into the future failed to be a success, how will this blast from the past?

So if the Carrie Diares is just a show focused on a girl and her life, then that means there will be no more critical analysis on a sex related topic, no case study which used to be shown through the four women, no humour and no conclusion to the problem or issue as Carrie types on her laptop. SATC was about sex, so it was’t aimed at a specific demographic.

Also, I do clearly remember there was a flashback to the 80s in the show when Carrie was supposed to be in her 20s with Miranda, Samantha and another friend. Charlotte was not even in the picture in the 80s and early 90s apparently. Carries also reminisces in the movie how she came to New York in the 80s, so young Carrie cannot be based in NYC as a teenager.

First ever flashback I can remember on SATC from season 1 episode 10: The  Baby Shower

Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out. 


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