I completely support being an organ donor, with all the breakthroughs and advances in medicine we can now save many lives who can get a second chance in life. I think it’s great.
Being an organ donor does not always mean someone has to die, it can also be one of the biggest gifts and selfless acts which gains another kind of reward in your life. For some, that reward is to get the latest iPad and iPhone or techno gadget because their is nothing as rewarding as having the coolest shit around town.

The Apple iPhone and iPad….the best thing since a beating heart. LITERALLY!

This was the case for a young 17 year old Chinese boy, who clearly would have done ANYTHING for a bit of Steve Jobbs paradise goodies. He literally gave his kidney away for an iPad and iPhone. A perfectly healthy functioning kidney!
Many times we hypothetically joke around saying how we would have to give and arm or a leg for something super expensive. In this case, it became real and this kid was not kidding.

It costs about an average of R700 and above a month for an iPhone anywhere in the world depending on your contract. Clearly, Apple is having a great sale on the phones, ‘cos this kid has shown what the REAL value of this phone is. 

This is a ridiculous and also an incredibly sad story. The boy is not from a well-off family and just wanted in on what all asians love… fancy technology.
The kid has since suffered from renal failure, a serious condition where the kidney cannot remove dangerous toxins from the body. This means he has to be in hospital a lot, and where is he going to get the money for that?
The kid decided to respond to an advert he saw online that offered to buy kidney for about R24 000. The kid took his new found earnings and bought his Apple goods, but the rest of the money went to the surgeons and those who helped in the operation. In the end he only got 10% of the price promised….not that he cared.

Potty problems in the future? Whatever! Just a better excuse to be stuck on the can with my new iPad.

All kids want the latest toys, fashion and gadgets and usually give a moerse tantrum in the shop as their parents drag them away kicking and screaming after mom has said “NO!”. 
Even if we had the internet back then, I doubt anyone would give their left lung for a My Little Pony or a bomber jacket.

Remember these? They were so cool, they were enough to take your breath away and with the exchange of your right lung they just as well could have!

China forbids the selling of body organs and hence these practices have succumbed to the black market. This sad story has brought out bigger issues, but I’m no t sure which one of these problems is bigger. Is it the fact that China’s youth are willing to die for an American product to be cool or the fact there are actually surgeons actually willing to take a naive underage kid’s body parts illegally for a quick buck?

This little girl gave up all her organs to go shopping at Disneyland. She is  happily operating on mechanical bits and  is officially a cyborg.

If anything, this issue has caused a huge embarrassment to the Chinese government and country….and you know there is no fucking with those two things in that country. Remember the bad batch of baby formula where the ingredients had been prioritised in 2008? It led to a few infant deaths and many being poisoned. The company’s manager and his brother were immediately given the death sentence.

Geng Jinping and his brother Jinzhu were given the death sentence
Sanlu Milk products that contained poison

A friend of mine who’s parents are from China said that when they execute the convicted, they send the family the bill for the bullet that killed him/her. If they find these quack doctors and agents who are responsible for this outcry, they are most likely to face the justice of China’s government….especially as thing has went international. As for the kid, well he has had his own lifespan cut shorter and a lifetime of health problems that will prevent him from having a normal life. Well, I question how normal he was in the first place for going through all of this for a phone.


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