Last year a bill of secrecy was passed because our no-good government decided they did not want to be embarrassed any more.  This certainly does not count up for the fact that they are embarrassment to the whole of South Africa. They government claimed they were “updating a legislation that was drawn 30 year ago”..yes because 30 years ago.”We had Apartheid so they definitely didn’t want anyone to know what crap they were getting up to.

This bill was simply given out of anger by many of thieves who run our country and a tantrum by the president who didn’t want people to know he liked vrieting slap chips with hake.
Where else in the world would dite be taken so seriously?


It seems nobody in government cares what other think of their petty crimes and downfalls, but they do care about cartoon adverts. As the old people like to say,”It’s a Mickey Mouse show”.

There were many outcries by big fancy intellectual people who gave their opinions in the newspaper and many complaints from the public smses section on how this demeans South Africa’s “adolescent democracy”.

Spot the difference!

To be honest, we have been a democracy for almost 20 effin years…how young are we as a democracy?? When will it grow out of it’s diapers and stop kakking all over the place??
Most countries who had changed to democracies out of dictatorships take about a maximum of 10 years to go through a complete revolution in policies and economic re-structuring. This type of restructuring is also dependent greatly on how unified the society is and willing and not how indifferent they are too other’s problems.

There’s probably a good reason why South Africa have an ill-fitting government like this. They cannot work alone and are certainly covering up for all the other skelms (thieves) who walk among us everyday with their shitty employee conditions and low pay.

Well, if the people who are supposed to help raise it are giving tantrums about fish and chip parcels or avoiding responsibilities, then the country will only reflect what it has been taught. 

Here you can watch the evils of the South African media in all it’s glory….


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