February was undoubtedly the month of the “Oscars”, they were making headlines everywhere for weeks.
The Oscar Pistorius case was watched and anticipated just as many looked towards the other Oscars for the Academy Awards.

Every media or film artist aspires to get the golden Oscar. to have and hold and to display it in their not-so-humble homes in L.A.
For us everyday citizens in South Africa, the Oscars we have to put up with are nothing but a pain in the ass.

Recently, a friend posted a classic little article from IOL on a local pastor named Oscar Bougart from the Cape Flats in South Africa.(Read more here on IOL Cape Times:http://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/pistorius-cursed-for-supporting-gays-pastor-1.1477809#.US73bw60wQs.facebook)

February’s Pin Up Boys

Dominee Oscar is a clear homophobe and believes the reason we have high crime rates is due to gays’ MCQP parties corrupting our youth and society. Yes, because a pair of glitter platforms and cock-shaped balloons will no doubt lead to your ultimate downfall.

Say Power to the Flower

Mr. Bougart also said the reason that the other hell-raising Oscar (Pistorius) was “cursed in the limelight” because he supported a Gay Rights Campaign.

So we have an Oscar who hates women as lovers and the other who hates men as lovers.

In a nutshell, I guess the damning Dominee Oscar reckons if Oscar P. had hated gays he could have safely got away with murder.

You don’t support gays or freedom of expression Dominee, but instead you support abuse and murder….providing it’s done in a ‘hetereo’ way of course.

It’s shameful how, not only can you get away with murder in South Africa, but also how any idiot can have a platform to ‘wys ‘n klomp kak’ inside the court house and outside of it!


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