For those living in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town, you would have noticed a small warehouse selling super discounted perishables in Southfield. The exterior of the place is not inviting, but it did offer food at a very low price, and with today’s horrid economy, people were buying.




It was and is a well known fact that Foodies sells goods slightly past the sell by date. Technically, buying that jar of Ola mayonnaise is a risk as it can either make you scream RALPH on the toilet for the next week or simply leave you satisfied after that late night sandwich.


Whenever I pass Foodies, its always busy. This is a fact. The consumers know that the goods are not legit, but it’s a clear sign that even the good ol’ folks for your regular suburbia are desperate to cut costs. Even if it cuts into the very own stomach lining. Nobody wants to buy vrot (rotten) veggies, but these are desperate times. There was a recent article on Foodies in the media, and one man clearly spoke out about having no choice but to buy as it sees to his basic needs.

dont20careClearly, Cape Town’s wealthy are not affected. Our president clearly, and once again, did not consider the majority of this country’s population hen changed the finance minister to suit his own needs. The clowns in government know the struggle amidst most of the populations is real. Cut price goods are a serious commodity and offering that must be present as many earn the minimum wage of minimum wage here. hence, spazas and places like Foodies arise, offering excess stock pass the sell by date at super low prices. Technically, our president didn’t give a sh*t about giving the people the sh*ts.

Ja…it’s a whole mess hey.

Stores like Foodies are not a new idea. In fact, you can even find them in Europe and other countries where they don’t care about their population. This is not a third world issue in any way. It’s an issue of greed, exploitation and not giving a crap about the poor people who put these idiots in power.309ff539a9aea577c1443f2385cb1331

Now we are sitting with a weak currency where the whole country is going for half price for
foreign businesses, while we live with costs double the price. The price of our already rubbish bread has gone up. That stuff can’t even blerrie toast properly!

Hunger is not a human need that should be messed with.


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