I was in utter shock to read that the once popular boy band Backstreet Boys are still around and making music. I thought they disbanded and threw in their dancing takkies when old N’Sync kicked them out and off the K-TV playlists.

I remember they were the ultimate boy band back in the 90s when I was in primary school, and every girl had their favorite Back Street Boy, with Kevin being the most popular and the oldest. He certainly wasn’t a boy, but whatever worked. I won’t say who my favourite was as I am now too ashamed, it was a clear indication and the beginning of my taste for the wierdos.

The last time I heard of the BSB was in a magazine article about some idiot girl who wanted to keep her virginity for the dingy AJ Mclean. She was clearly a hardcore fan and she eventually achieved her goal and gave Mr. Mclean her crown. She later told the press that she was disappointed ‘cos it didn’t live up to her expectations. I’m not sure what she was expecting, perhaps she watched too much of those air brushed music videos of theirs growing up. As for how poor ‘ol AJ must feel…well who knows as far as he was concerned he got laid.

Well, only ONE of them really got caught with their pants down really.

The Back Street Boys apparently continued making music quietly behind N’Sync’s fame and practically went unnoticed as far as I’m concerned. Kevin has since left the band (finally, he realised he cannot be described as a boy any longer), Nick Carter has been on some hell bent rage getting arrested and struggling with alcohol and drugs, but now is a UN ambassador for dolphins.

Nick Carter and his friend Flipper, who is clearly as excited at Carter’s new found career as he is.

AJ became a raging druggie and has been in rehab three times already, but claims he is now over it and he is married. Howie Dorough has continued to be the boring, but good one, with nothing special to his credentials. I don’t think I have ever heard Howie sing a solo in that band. Kevin, who was a model with Ashton Kutcher, left to pursue an acting career.

As for N’Sync, well only Justin Timberlake has been successful on his own with Joey Fat-one Fatone who had a brief appearance in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My good friend Jilly-Bean (who was the ultimate boy band die hard) has also ensured to mention that JC Chasez is now a judge for America’s Best Dance Crew. Otherwise, the rest have gone AWOL.

There were many other cheese-laden boy bands who followed suit such as the rip-off Boyzone and other one hit wonder Brit bands.

And what happened to Cape Town’s boy bands? Well, we never really had any. I do remember they used to have Deja Vu, a group of boys all singing the big hits from BSB and other bands at various food fairs and carnivals. They played at South Peninsula High School’s Food Fair in 1998, and I remember some girls actually running and screaming after them as they emerged from behind the stage. I see that they are still around, and they even have a fan page on Facebook. They refer to themselves as more than just a boy band, but rather an “experience”…..ooooooh jittiee, hoor net!

De ja Vu girl

F.Y.I Backstreet Boys will be touring with none other than the New Kids On The Block together, making one helluva toe curling experience for all those married ladies looking to relive their days in hair scrunchies!


Oh and on a last note, can you guys remember this?! I’ll admit I was a huge fan of this show…..but I was only 7 years old at the time.

Here you can watch:


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