The Legend

Oh La Bamba Beef chips…they bring me back to my childhood and school years in Cape Town. I remember heading off to the shops after school with my friends to buy packets of La Bamba with a moerse bompie while we “skinnered” (gossiped) in the park. Let’s face it, most coloured kids gorged themslevs on La Bamba back in the day. It was delicious and cheap. I remember a girl named Simone used to carry this huge red bag filled with La Bamba and mebos sweets around school selling it all at 50 bop a pop! She made her cash.

So what happened to La Bamba? Back in high school they suddenly stopped making it and it could found nowhere. Then the rumours started flying, one particular one was that there was a man who ate La Bamba everyday and then suddenly died. I had asked how, and apparently he just dropped dead. 

“I knew I should have not bought them wholesale at Makro….”


Autopsy reports claimed that the victim developed severe mental and physical addictive qualities over a space of intense chip eating over the course of 5 years.

Lol, I know it’s not nice to laugh at, but it’s pretty ridiculous…all over a packet of chips that contained ridiculous amounts of MSG, tartazine and artificial flavourants. Anyway, what ‘doos’ eats that stuff in copious amounts everyday?
Someone still tried to put a flame to one of those chips to see if it went pitch black to prove how bad it was, but I think any chip would have gone pitch black to an open flame.

Since La Bamba’s demise, other crap have continued appearing on shelves in the local corner shops…..such as those horrendous Spookies.
The only longest standing chip that has stood strongly and probably has some form of health standard is Papa Bites. Oh yes, there was nothing like asking for a packet of “green onion papas please” at the tuck shop. Come now, we all had our favourite one.


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