Most South Africans will remember tuning into Kideo after school (yes and those who were at high school too, you know who you are) in the 90s and remember listening to this poor incessant’s tortoises’ whining voice singing in lament over every God damned thing that went wrong. 

He was in every way the world’s first emo, way before emo’s even knew they were emo’s or were even labelled emos. He even set the tone for the current hipster fashion trends. Let’s face it, who else got ‘creative” with their art (in this case their singing career) with everything that went fucked up in their lives while dressed up in a cheese cutter hat ensemble with a waistcoat that most fashionable hipsters would classify as vintage. Let’s not forget the awkward nerdy stance he always held.

Awkward stance? Waistcoat?…..familiar anyone?

Yes, there are not many emos or hipters who can make memorable music in a cheese cutter like old Traddle. We all know that popular tune he spun when something stupid like there not being enough bags of apples for a party or a broken chair leg and he would start singing “I haven’t got a clue” as if his whole plastic 2-dimensional world would end. These problems would all be resolved in a flash of a second by the random 6-year old guest starring on his skit who happened either to have the better half of the script or more brain activity than Traddle.

Here’s a clip of the man in all his glory:

I heard Timothy Traddle was actually first played by Soli Philander, who then passed on the cheese cutter to some other aspiring actor. Then again, there were many aspiring actors and actresses on Kideo who now actually feature without any animal mascot outfits on our daily soapies and are doing ok.

Timothy Traddle is a legend. We all have his moments, whether on life or at the office. Sometimes you just …”don’t know what to do…”


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