A new season of America’s Next Top Model has already started, with Tyra “I-just-cannot-get-enough-of-myself” Banks. Now, in the previous seasons the best part of the drama was because the brainless wannabe models were all for real as they vied for the top spot.

This season is clearly a sign that the U.S audience are nicely getting enough of ‘ol Tyra and now to boost ratings she has this “All Stars” edition where she has called up all the old retards and bitches from the previous seasons who failed miserably to get to the top spot and now they must all vie to be a Tyra-like celebrity in being not only a model, but a name brand. It will be a girl who can sing, dance and be on public display and act just as dumb and cracked up as Tyra.

I watched ANTM because it was full of silly drama and it was just entertaining. Now its too contrived as all these fruit loops try to be as outrageous and irritating as possible. 

For some reason having a magazine spread in Vogue is still up for grabs. Which disappoints me as Vogue Italia is about fashion and real art, not tacky Paris Hilton wannabes trying to prove nothing.

Did you know she was once in a movie where she played a Barbie doll come to life, it was called “Life Size”, I remember watching it when I was little on M-NET.


Here is a little clip to show how crazy ‘ol Tyra is. 

Enjoy this one. I did. 🙂


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