Back in the 60’s women were advised to eat tape worms in order to lose weight. I once read a letter from a distressed teacher in the YOU magazine who wrote into the agony aunt about how she gobbles up a box of chalk everyday and how she worried if it would have any side effects seeing as it wasn’t toxic after all.


I get humans are curious creatures, but when it gets to the point of stupidity it just gets lame. I get different cultures have different dishes, but that’s still ok, but eating everyday crap that only a puppy dog would find exciting says a lot about you.

There was a man who ate a whole plane over a span of 2 years, but he had some miraculously strong digestive walls so he was ok, and another ‘doos’ who decided he was gonna swallow an antenna but then had to have it removed.


So delicious!

Clearly some do it to get attention but then there are those with serious addictions to stuff, like this French man who liked to steal money only to eat it. He eventually had to have $650 worth of coins removed.
Apparently this is a real illness called PICA, where individuals get addicted to eating non-nutritious objects. It seems to be a mental problem to me, but the doctors say it’s not considered to be pathological.


Sorry Lanieka, I dunno what you gonna use o wipe yourself when actually need to shit that toilet paper out!


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