I recently read that the latest trend amongst men’s fashion beginning to go big is Mantyhose. It’s pantyhose just with the word man in front to help men feel more masculine and not ashamed for their new found love of stockings. I guess many men don’t want to be associated with wearing anything that sounds close to a pair of panties.

Meet Madam Adam

Apparently, many men have been secretly wearing pantyhose underneath their trousers for quite some time now, but have been too ashamed to speak openly about it. Naturally, it first started in Europe (naturally) when a regular mantyhose wearer openly stated he loved them. They help tuck in their beer bellies and help with “muscle tension” especially those who are on their feet whole day.

Camo panythose. Hardcore

I personally don’t see ANYTHING wrong with men wearing pantyhose/stockings. So why are they making up all these excuses for wearing pantyhose and going as far having to coin a new word to make it more masculine?

Men have been wearing pantyhose on the Northern hemisphere since the old days in Europe where the very finest pantyhose were worn by Kings, Lords and Nobles of the past to keep fashionably warm from the cold.

King Henry VII wore pantyhose. He had 6 wives, clearly proving mantyhose are not only practical, but also  a babe magnet.
Elizabethan mantyhose sales also came in father and son sets, along with frilly lace neck blouses.
Nothing screamed sexier than a man in doublet, pantyhose and pom pom shoes.

As far as i see it, men’s pantyhose have made nothing more than a come back into mainstream fashion after 400 years or so. Stockings make sense to wear in the winter time, they are comfy, light and warm enough to be worn under pants and are easy to layer.

I don’t believe fashion should be limited to any group based on gender or race etc. Fashion has a practical purpose and is also one of the ultimate forms of expression amongst human beings…..

……ok, maybe not for ALL human beings (or pink dinosaurs)

Men are still buying their mantyhose online, but stores in the U.S and in Europe will start selling them in stores alongside women’s hoisery. Some men have went as far as saying that the pantyhose help with their knee and joint problems. Mantyhose designers and brands are marketing the product as “not your mom’s pantyhose” and claim the stockings are masculine as they are catered for “masculine” proportions and have fly openings.

I can understand the fly openings, but what the hell are male proportions? Don’t both men and women have legs and hips, and it’s sheer nylon we are talking about here. That shit can stretch over the widest hips and how far that stuff can stretch does not discriminate against gender.

Sheer nylon clearly doesn’t discriminate against vegetables either.

Either way, pantyhose for men or mantyhose (for the insecure), are selling like crazy as Italian designer Emilio Cavallini has already designed a unisex range of hose for both men and women. Mantyhose now also come in an array of patterns and prints for the fashion enthusiast looking for more than just to warm their limbs.

Clearly,  Mantyhose were written in the stars.

I wonder how this trend will evolve down here in Cape Town, should it ever reach here?

Mantyhose like pantyhose will not be wasted when ripped. Now that’s Cape Town style.

Remember this? I watched this movie as a kid. This movie has come a long way, go Robin Hood: Men in Tights!!


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