So, I finally went to check out the new super mall that Blue Route has become. That place hasn’t had an upgrade since the early 90s I think. The complex was always a shopping area, before it was even called Blue Route it was simply called Multi-Market (kak name), and had the main supermarket along with other little stores around it.

My first memory of going to Blue Route when it first came out as Blue Route all redone and made to look “modern”, was when I went to see a “Duck Tales “movie when I was about 6 years old.

The cinema was the coolest section of the mall and went to see many other films during my childhood over there. One of the highlights in waiting in line by the movie theatres was a pair of mannequin legs that were attached to the ceiling with bright neon trippy paint swirled around them to look like a body was coming through from a different dimension. It really was the centre piece with the loud music playing the background. It really got kids excited just to be in the cinema.

To the Blue Route cinema and beyond!

Not all my memories of ‘ol Blue Route are fond, I once had a flying cockroach land in my neck. I screamed in terror and disgust in front of Clicks and went running into B-Box the old knitwear store while I collected my sanity in the changing room.

The crime site of my terror. Can you spot the flying cockroach?

Eventually,  Blue Route became uncool as many trendy stores either closed down or moved out. It became a place for taanies (old mothers and aunties) to go shopping and only laaties (little kids) or cheap people went to Blue Route to watch movies. I think the mall bosses didn’t like what Blue Route had become and the crowd it attracted, because of the cheaper stores and convenient location for many.

Well, now the old Blue tropical themed mall is gone! The blue perspex water theme with it’s surrounding palm tree paradise mimicking the luxury of Miami are all demolished.

Good bye tropical paradise…..

Instead, on entering the new mall I was welcomed into a building that looked a lot like the Enterprise space ship from Star Trek,  with it’s chic design lifting two opposing roof arches showing many cadet stations and docking ports as it looks yonder Tokai’s skyline.

Wouldn’t be surprised if thee was a helipad somewhere in there.
Far out Blue Route!

Even walking inside was like walking through a spaceship, with it’s sweeping layered design, bright blue lights, steel and perspex railings with soft little lights all over. It felt a bit like Cavendish, and had that same dreamy affect to make you feel glamourous enough to spend money with delight.

Inside the new Blue Route…..
…..and inside a spaceship. Let’s play spot the difference.

I won’t even go into how upbeat the cinema looks, and it’s playing all the recent films. The eating areas are nice too and there are actually more places to eat that’s NOT ONLY KENTUCKY. Clearly, focusing on the more finer tastes for it’s new crowds.

There are more expensive stores now and the way it’s layout, it even makes the cheaper stores look classy. Although I doubt, your average lady from Lavender Hill will be indulging in the latest from La Senza. Don’t think they accept lay-byes.

Blue Route is still under construction now, as they are making way for the new parking lot in front.

Even the advertising for the new mall is cool, with fun promotional booklets giving discounts for the different stores to celebrate it’s official opening. The website (click here) is even quite swanky! Oh well, I think the mall is looking very nice and I think everyone will enjoy shopping in their new environment with a bigger selection of stores. Let’s face it, the southern suburbs is as boring as a pine cone in Tokai Forest and stuff like this just help liven it up a bit.

It is a far cry from the old Blue Route’s advertising strategies, like this classic promotion from last year:


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