On 7th March the world will celebrate International Women’s Day, at least in some countries that is. Even though this is the year 2012 and we are already in the 21st Century, many women are still living under social conditions that were still relevant to the B.C era and when Neanderthals ruled.

Last year, surveys were conducted by The Independent newspaper on how women were still living in various countries around the world. Results showed how major leaps over the last 50 years have benefitted women in various countries and how those countries have benefitted from them from equal rights. Sadly, results have also shown how many women are still being treated under appalling conditions and still have no basic rights to freedom.

Here were some key findings from their research conducted in 2011:

  • Best place to be a politician:Rwanda was shown to be the best place for a woman to be a politician. It showed that the parliament in the country that women hold 48 out of the 80 seats.

Just because they hold more seats doesn’t mean they are doing a good job or it’s an awesome position. Note, that this country is still pretty backward as it’s recovering from a major genocide, rape is still a big problem, women are not allowed to own property and many lack access to healthcare.

  • Best place to break the glass ceiling:Thailand holds the highest number of women in top job positions.
  • Best place for a longevityJapanese women are shown to have the longest life span. Whereas Lesotho has the shortest, as most women don’t live till 50.
  • Best place to be an athlete:The U.S.A is the best place to be an athlete, while Saudi Arabia is the worst as it has never sent a female to the Olympics.
  • Best place for women’s literacy: Lesotho has the highest rate for female literacy with 95% being literate.
  • Best place to be a woman: Iceland lands the number spot to be the best place for women to live in, with all round equal rights and good living standards.
A typical Icelandic woman on a night out in town drunk as shit. This is EMPOWERMENT!

Strange how women in Lesotho have such a short life span, yet they are more literate than their men. A clear indication of WHAT you read and information you take it in is important to your own benefit. Clearly, they not reading the right stuff or gaining important knowledge. What is the point of beng literate and not having access to any books/relevant reading material in your language or any other for that fact.

Having only Mills and Boon is not the best option.

Even though these results show more women in formerly male dominated positions, it does not mean those women have rights as their male counterparts. These are just stats, they have dumb titles too. The findings on women from the developing or undeveloped countries just show numbers and many have taken on those positions due to the male population having died due to poor health care, poverty or they are in jail. This also does not include the fact that regardless of the women’s “high positions”, they aren’t getting the pay they deserve for their labour. Many of them work in the family business or for their husbands and get no pay.

Images of typical working women in Thailand. Yep..they are undoubtedly the CEOs and senior managers of their businesses.

As for Saudi Arabia, until they address more serious issues concerning their women’s rights in their country rather than their lack of sporting achievements, I doubt the women even give a shit about the Olympics concerning their daily life. At this point, I don’t think most are not keen on doing pole vault, gymnastics or diving in a traditional flowing burka.

As close as a “Burka” will get to the next Olympics.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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