We’ve all been there. You are forced to work in a team and then you have to deal with that ONE person who needs to claim their status that they so benevolently bestowed upon themselves. This applies for teamwork everywhere, from schools, the everyday office, business or even sports!


You’ll notice it doesn’t matter what the topic or subject is, this person or people will want to do their part and everyone else’s. To be honest there’s different types of these spanners in the works type people. Let’s take a look at the ‘drukke’:

  • The I-Know-What-You-Should-Do person: This nool (slang for idiot) will alter and criticise every idea or part of the work you present to the project. they are the first to claim dibs on what section they want, but during meetings they will sit and work on your parts and then totally neglect their section. Yes, they do nothing but emit hot air.
  • The Self Proclaimed Leader: They’ll either act as the acting manager even if the manager is present in the next room. They’ll also think their ideas or opinions are worth millions as only theirs counts or has value! Eeeeurgh!

  • The Freeloader: We all don’t want to work with this one, but are forced to. Usually this clown, is never interested and does minimal work with almost no valid contribution to the work. How they get the job or in this position is a mystery left for the X-Files.

  • The Over-Thinker: You can never go to step two with this person. every aspect is over-analysed to a point of stupidity. These people waste time, keep the group back and totally miss the main focus point because they..well…OVER THINK EVERYTHING!
  • The Control Freak: This person needs no introduction. A typical type A personality, they need to be involved in everyone’s though process to ensure it’s EXACTLY the same as theirs…down to the tee. Lord have mercy.

It doesn’t matter where you go or where you work, these or one of these people will exist. They strengthen the core of all our eyeballs, as we land up rolling them a billion times throughout their presence.

Team work is an integral part of business development and life in general, and it offers a lot of self- development for ourselves professionally and personally.

Sadly, for some, working with others is just a platform for them to receive attention or stroke their egos due to some personal issues outside of the work place. I most cases, these 5 types of team non-players usually land up not learning anything from working with others or themselves because they’ve placed themselves in a position above or in one case they not even present.

What can you do?

Nothing! That’s life and it takes all kind of people to make this world go round. Deal with it!


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