Hunting has been around for centuries as long as carnivores and omnivores have existed on this planet. Unlike, canned hunting, hunting for cavemen and other animals was not done out of pleasure but for survival. What was hunted and eaten all formed part of a very well balanced eco-system where numbers were in good balance depending where you were on nature’s food chain.

Hunting for pleasure has and never will form part of the all mighty natural food chain, and has led to numerous precious animal species going extinct and many are on the brink of it.

Clearly, humans feel they are on top of the food chain and have a right to choose what forms part of the world’s eco-systems for who/what gets to live and contribute to it in the future.

I recently read Donald Trump’s 2 eldest sons, with equally bad hairstyles, went trophy hunting in Zimbabwe recently. The pictures of the terrible Trumps have caused an outcry as , the eldest one, Donald Trump Jr. is seen holding up a dead elephant’s tail as it’s owner lies dead to the right of the picture.

This is only one image of the many canned hunting trophies they achieved during their stay. They went on to kill a leopard, buffalo, gemsbok and a crocodile which they are all seen posing happily with their achievements.

Donald Trump himself is against hunting and does not partake in these ventures personally. The press went after him, but I don’t think Mr. Trump is the one to go after. His sons are adults and their actions are their own, but sadly these two brats do represent daddy’s empire.

It sickens me that there are still places like this on the African continent that are still around due to demand from rich ass foreigners who wanna get “wild”.

These guys can have anything in the world and can clearly do anything they want. Yet, they choose to destroy life instead of helping maintain and create it in the wild.

The Trumps’ only defense to the public was that cutting off the elephant’s tail was part of one of the ancient customs in Zimbabwe, and that their killing would go as charity to feed the local villages.

I know Zimbabweans. None of them have ever expressed their love for Elephant roast with baked potatoes on a Sunday.

Better served in a stew.

Donald Trump Jr. also defended himself in that him and his brother were brought up hunting, as they used to go fishing with their grandfather. Comparing fishing to canned hunting for rare animal species is stupid.

I wonder what the price would be to hunt and destroy a Trump?

Mr. Buffalo in a pair of Buffalo hunting shoes.

……and what would the trophy souvenir be?

…why Mr. Trump’s infamous toupee!!!


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