So the verdict is out again on South Africa’s own O.J Simpson…Oscar Pistorius. We have been bombarded with this case more than DSTV has been trying to get us to sign up to their crappy offerings.

Like O.J, Pistorius was the nation’s darling of sport who overcame his disadvantages to succeeded and proudly wave the South African flag. Yet, behind the multi-coloured flag and bladed prosthesis was an over-inflated ego-pumped super star athlete who felt the world owed him everything.


He did it. He is guilty. Even before these trials, and schlep of a drama that graced our SABC screens whole day long, it was evident he did it. The final verdict last week declared that he was found guilty for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. All his crying and appeals for sympathy was only heard and even considered by the justice system because of one simple, and important, reason:


Like most big shot sports stars….he had LOTS of it. He had lots of it even before he was an athlete anyway. He came form a posh, predominantly white suburb in Johannesburg with all the comforts and privileges a human could get.

Carte Blanche had this OTT interview with Pistorius giving a full on snot en traane display and a look inside his former home where the crime happened. The bathroom where he shot her has 2 doors. There was a separate door to the toilet. He walked into the bathroom, with a gun and shot her knowing she was in there screaming. Burglar my ass, that’s what his lawyers told him say and maintain as there were no witnesses.


This was the same case for O.J, he had the money and means to build up a lame-ass alibi with the best lawyers.

These cases are high profile and much crime scene investigation goes into it. Why can’t they then find these fabled criminals or burglars who have caused the crime? That’s because there are no other suspects. Duh!

Oscar was sentenced to 6 years in prison. We all know he won’t serve this measly sentence out. He doesn’t care if he’s guilty for killing someone, he obviously fElt above of. He will just want to get out and enjoy his life…..because he still has that privilege. Sadly, this is not the case for Reeva.

Today, the Argus’ Headlines were about how the head of some athletics board felt that Pistorius still has the possibility to partake in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo!!! The had officer reckons Oscar would have “repaid society” by then.

What The Major F*ck!



There must be some serious money opportunities in it for SASCOC (South African Confederation and Olympic Committee) to want a convicted criminal and seriously deranged person represent the South African flag. Yes, that’s right, he will be representing the country. A murderer.

Tubby Reddy, the chief of the Committee reckons that after Oscar had served his time, “he can live as a normal South African”.



While normal South Africans have to live with a murderer moving amidst them. It’s because of idiots like this is big places with big titles that people like Oscar can literally get away with murder and do what they like.

The South African justice system has failed us. To be really honest, it has always failed us. I can’t even refer to it as a “justice” system. It has ALWAYS favoured the rich. Reeva’s does not come from a  super wealthy family like Pistorius, so her family could not fight and get the justice they want. This is the case for almost all cases like this. A few months ago a girl of 16 was raped and murdered in Tokai forest. Her parents did not pursue the case and left it to our “justice” system to see to the killers. The killers are walking free, as they only got slapped with a shitty R1000 bail. Why? Well nobody was putting in their personal wealth to actually get a real court case.

Well done to …..


I think Oscar should hang up his blades for the Paralympic games, and rather compete in the shooting range division. However, even that would be unfair, as he can hit his target through a closed door without seeing even having to see it.


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